Artworks on a changing world

Having returned to painting late in life, Philip’s works centre on social and psychological themes through depictions of people in a changing world.

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Four Views of the Hawkesbury2024-01-26T13:43:40+11:00
Alan and Anna2023-02-08T11:42:51+11:00
Portrait of Peter Lavskis2022-12-18T14:23:14+11:00
Graham Nerlich2023-02-08T11:17:29+11:00
Colin Ballantyne2022-09-20T09:22:45+10:00
Homage to Magritte2022-01-22T16:02:18+11:00
Vanishing Point2021-12-11T12:53:46+11:00
The Bookseller2021-12-11T12:48:08+11:00