Artworks on a changing world

Having returned to painting late in life, Philip’s works centre on social and psychological themes through depictions of people in a changing world.

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While someone else is just walking dully along2020-10-13T09:10:26+11:00
The Palisade2020-10-04T12:50:04+11:00
Room with a view2020-10-04T12:50:40+11:00
End of the line2020-09-09T13:06:44+10:00
Working nights2020-09-10T11:04:16+10:00
Matthew Lipman2023-02-08T11:08:49+11:00
Riders in the Chariot2020-09-09T13:09:09+10:00
The Aunt’s Story2020-09-30T22:09:55+10:00
View of Erskineville2020-10-12T13:02:09+11:00