Books on teaching philosophy in the classroom.

Philip Cam’s books include philosophical stories for children and support materials for using them in the classroom, as well as books for teachers on the theory and practice of philosophical discussion for educational purposes.

Philosophical stories and support material

Thinking Stories 1: Philosophical Inquiry for Children2020-10-04T13:12:00+11:00
Thinking Stories 1: Teacher Resource/Activity Book2020-10-12T13:10:16+11:00
Thinking Stories 2: Philosophical Inquiry for Children2020-10-12T12:51:28+11:00
Thinking Stories 2: Teacher Resource/Activity Book2020-10-12T13:10:32+11:00
Thinking Stories 3: Philosophical Inquiry for Children2020-10-04T13:22:59+11:00
Thinking Stories 3: Teacher Resource/Activity Book2020-10-12T13:09:55+11:00
Sophia’s Question2020-10-04T13:25:54+11:00
Sophia’s Question: Teacher Resource Book2020-10-12T13:10:46+11:00
Philosophy Park2020-10-05T10:40:02+11:00
Philosophy Park: Teacher Resource2020-10-12T13:10:57+11:00
Twister, Quibbler, Puzzler, Cheat2020-10-12T13:22:05+11:00

Books on philosophy in schools

Thinking Together: Philosophical Inquiry for the Classroom2020-10-04T14:10:57+11:00
Twenty Thinking Tools: Collaborative Inquiry for the Classroom2020-10-04T14:14:50+11:00
Teaching Ethics in Schools: A New Approach to Moral Education2020-10-04T14:12:46+11:00
Philosophical Inquiry: Combining the Tools of Philosophy with Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning2020-10-04T14:45:55+11:00